AGISTING (BOARDING)

If you have already purchased your animals, or purchase from us, and your                
place is not yet ready.  Or perhaps you have only one or two animals and                     
need a companion herd while you purchase additional  alpacas.  Let your                     
animals stay  with us.  We will treat them as our own.

We charge $2.50 per day per animal.  If you are bringing your animal for                     
breeding, we will provide free agisting for female and/or her cria for up to 60                 
days.  We will also look at special circumstances as needed.

Routine care, such as hoof trimming, at no extra charge.  Additional charges               
apply for any vet visits or special care needs.

We believe in keeping you informed as to the care of your animals,  and                      
welcome you in being as involved as  you would like with the day to day care.


1)   6% interest on contracts of more than one year. 1/3 down
2)   No interest on contracts less than 1 year
3)   5% discount for cash
4)   5% discount for packages of 3 or more alpacas

All animals purchased on contract must be fully insured for mortality, with Rolling Hills
Alpacas as co beneficiary for any unpaid balance.  
Payments can be structured monthly or quarterly.  We can provide flexibility in a
payment structure to meet your needs.  Just give us a call        


We offer individual or group spinning classes for the beginner.
Classes include carding with both the hand and drum carders, spinning, and                 
setting of the skeins.  Pricing varies depending upon location,  duration,
and supplies requested.

To schedule a class, please call
ROLLING HILLS ALPACAS at 541-499-0449 home or
541-727-1618 cell.  We are located at 970 Old Stage Road in Central Point,
Oregon 97502    Bring your friends!!
Peruvians working
with hand spindles