We are breeders of fine alpacas, the finest livestock in the world.  We started our alpaca
enterprise in 2001 and now have a small herd of beautiful animals that we love and enjoy.  

Though we have not been in the business as long as some, we have gained a wealth of
experience in a short time.  We have studied the business from every angle.  With our
backgrounds in Medicine and Nursing, we came to this industry prepared to deal with many
issues of animal care.  We can help you with your plans to start in the Alpaca Business.

Award Winning Alpacas     


Alpacas Are A Great Opportunity.

By now, you have probably heard about alpacas through television or local advertising.  Either
way, alpacas offer you a chance to change your lifestyle and escape the relentless pace of city
living.  The alpaca business allows you more family and personal time without sacrificing your
current earnings, something that is priceless in today's world.  Alpacas can also be a great
financial windfall for those who enjoy there current lifestyle.  You don't even have to own your
own ranch to take advantage of the wonderful world of alpacas, and the great opportunities you
can gain with alpacas.

The market for alpacas is stronger today than it was in it's beginning.  Alpacas continue to hold
their value and keep pace with inflation regardless of what the economy is doing, it's a very
stable market.  There is a limited supply of alpacas in the U.S, and 8 out of 10 people still don't
know what they are.  This represents a wide open market, and a well run alpaca business with
quality alpacas has trouble keeping them in stock.

Alpacas give birth to only one baby, or cria, a year, with a 50:50 ratio of males to females.  At
this time in the US, almost  every female is considered breeding stock, but we generally only
breed about 10% of the males.  Almost every alpaca in America is registered with the Alpaca
Registry Inc. (ARI).  These  alpacas  must be blood typed and DNA tested to match his or her
sire and dam in order to be registered.  Ari has been closed to importations from other
countries since 1998, which controls the growth rate of the national herd.  There are over
175,000 alpacas in the US today, but there are many more needed to fulfill the huge fiber
demands of a commercial mill.  If we were to gather up all the alpaca fiber in the country today,
and send it to a commercial mill, it would only keep that mill busy for about 2 weeks!

The future of alpacas in the USA has never looked brighter!  Recently the Who's Who of the
textile industry joined together to create a manufacturing and marketing plan for this fantastic
fiber.  The first step was to visit the best ranches in the world, with North America coming out on
top.  With our selective breeding practices in the US, we have the opportunity to raise the finest
alpacas anywhere.

Alpacas provide outstanding
tax benefits.  Breeders can take write offs according to their tax
bracket for items such as alpaca care, feed, computer, home office, education, and farm
improvements.  The more immediate reward in Section 179 of the IRS Farm Schedule, which
allows accelerated depreciation, up to $250,000 in one year!

Alpacas can make your country lifestyle dream a reality...and maybe even lower your blood
pressure!  Oven these simple creatures are peaceful, and take far less care than horses or
other large animals.  You will probably find yourself spending hours watching their antics in the
pasture,  just for pure joy of it.

The question is  "Are Alpacas Right For Me"?

To find out, perhaps we can help you.  Call Jeanne or Jim Davidian at Rolling Hills Alpacas.      
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We are located in
Central Point, Oregon,just about 1 mile North of Jacksonville and about 5 miles West of
Medford. Oregon.  You will be glad you did.
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